A Guide to Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Floor

Space, maintenance, elegance, ambience, utility, durability, presentation – these are some of the words that spring in the mind when you plan to change the flooring of your house. Tiles come in different sizes, shapes, colours and textures, and can be laid in different patterns to make your house look the way you like.

Here’s a brief guide to choosing the right tiles for your floor. As your builders in Loughton, we’d be happy to assist you. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


It is very important to choose a tile based on the location it’s going to be used in. While ceramic tiles and onyx tiles with fast drying capacity and easy maintenance are the best choices for bathrooms, wooden tiles can be used in places like study or library where you expect lower foot traffic and wearing.   

Long rectangular plank tiles give the garden pathway a natural woody look and the fact that it is a tile makes it easier to maintain.


The common thumb rule is that lighter colours expand a space and darker colours contract it. Using light coloured tiles will make small rooms and galley kitchens bright and large.

Terracota tiles and tiles from natural stones can make a living room look eclectic and cozy. The variations in the tile colour that comes naturally in these tiles act as a pattern on its own.

Size and Shape

Square, rectangle, hexagonal and octagonal tiles are manufactured in various sizes. The quantity of grout to be used to fill the space between the tiles decreases with the increase in size of the tiles. Larger tiles use lesser grout and make the room look wider. Smaller tiles with grouts forming a part of the laying pattern make the room look compact.


The way the tiles are laid can alter the appearance of the floor. Straight simple stacking, smaller tiles laid in herringbone pattern, rectangular tiles laid in criss-cross pattern, mixing and matching of dark and light coloured tiles to form a checker-board on the floor, encaustic tiles laid with artistic edge – the options are limitless.

Choose a pattern you like the most to transform your space to a higher plane of living.

The only issue with the tiles is that there are a lot to choose from. List down your requirements and call an expert.

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