Affordable Pub Renovation Ideas

Want to renovate your pub and give it a refreshing new look? Looking for affordable pub renovation ideas? There’s no dearth of ideas if you look at the right place. However, affordable does not mean compromise in any way. Your pub can look awesome with affordable pub renovations.

Let’s take a look at some affordable pub renovation ideas we recommend for clients on a tight budget.


Refresh your bar by simply changing the layout. This usually does not involve any investment as you are simply moving your furniture around. However, when you are looking for a renovation that really stands out, consider some additions to your new layout.

You want to impress your customers the moment they enter. If you are looking for partial pub renovations, then a change in layout is a great start.

We can look at your current layout to determine the weak points, and we will work on those areas to create a layout that simply stands out and wins your customers the moment they walk in.

We will change your layout keeping your pub’s theme as well as your target audience in mind. We will add just the right accessories and features to ensure a new layout.

Update the Furniture

Simply update the furniture and your pub will instantly feel and look fresh, invigorating and inviting. Scuffed chairs, old handles and broken legs are a big turn offs. We can custom make new furniture for you in a style and design to match your theme.

Sometimes you don’t have to discard all your furniture.

We will retain all that can be repaired and fixed and custom make chairs and tables that are necessary to give your pub that fresh, new look.

When new chairs are not a necessity, you could consider updating the seat covers. If the shelves, tables and chairs seem dated, we could give them a fresh coat of stain. Updating the carpets can instantly give your pub an upmarket appeal.

Little changes, upgrades and updates such as these will create a refreshing new appeal in your pub.

Bonus Tip: Trust the Pub Renovation Experts

For best results, be sure to hire professional pub renovation specialists. Avoid turning this into a DIY project. Our master builders have a wide range of ideas when it comes to pub renovations. Get in touch with Loughton Master Build today for a free consultation and quote.