Bathroom Tile Design Trends in 2017

Who says fashion is only about clothes? The changing trends in bathroom tile designs indicate that people pay attention to every aspect of their home decor. And thoroughly at that! If you are looking up the latest trends in Loughton bathrooms, here is a handy guide for the styles that will call the shots in 2017.

Give Your Bathroom a Complete Makeover

Until some years ago, choosing bathroom tiles for your bathroom renovation was a very simple task. For that matter, there was hardly any choice of tile designs and you had to be content with sober-looking tiles that did nothing to accentuate the home décor or bathroom theme you had in mind.

Top Trends in 2017

There is so much happening in the construction industry that home décor ideas and obviously, tile designs are ruling the roost. Here are some of the top picks from the bathrooms London trends in the year 2017.

Matte Finish Tiles

Move over glossy tiles, it is time matte finishes made their mark. More homeowners are increasingly showing a preference for muted colours rather than bright and loud colours. Soft, with an understated elegance yet sophisticated, matte finishes are being chosen for a number of practical reasons too. The tiles do not show smudges and water marks as easily as the glossy ones. They are easy to maintain too.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are being seen as an alternative to ceramic and porcelain tiles. The trend for 2017 clearly shows slate tiles as one of the top picks by builders as well as homeowners. The diverse colouring of the 100% natural slate tiles gives them a unique advantage over mass-produced similar looking tiles. Slate tiles can withstand water damage and are naturally slip-resistant. Do you need more reasons as to why you should choose them?

Subway Tiles

Colourful subway tiles that are distinctly different from the white 3 x 6 white rectangle subway tiles are making their way into people’s bathrooms. The trend is catching on with big and small colourful subway tile designs as mosaic patterns are highly appreciated.

Geometric Tiles

Rectangular tiles are getting tough competition from hexagonal tiles that add a different look to the bathroom walls. What makes it more interesting is the use of different coloured tiles to make vivid and unique patterns.

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