Best Extension Building Company in Loughton

There has been a renewed interest in building extensions in the past few years. This revival seems to be driven by the need for larger living space, need for guest house or to extend buildings for office space to work from home.

This may seem like a brilliant idea to save money, time and travel. However, before you kick-start your idea and hunt for builders in Loughton, there’s some major planning to do.

Being the most reputed builders in Loughton with 15 years of experience in building, renovating and extending, Loughton Master Build takes up full scale building extension services. Extensions are a challenging task because it takes very detailed planning from legal permission to acquiring skillful architects.

So, here are some things to consider when planning an extension.

Your Budget

Your builders in Loughton will come up with design ideas based on your budget. The cost increases when you add details to your extensions. We offer various designs for different budgets that are both classy and comfortable. If you have any ideas in mind, you need to sit down and plan on how much are you willing to spend on this extension.

Don’t forget to account for taxes, labor work, wiring etc. Once you’ve arrived at your budget, do not change your mind because money can slip out easily if a budget isn’t fixed.


Is it a living room, or a storage space or a guest house? Decide what you wish to do with the extension so the interior planning can be done accordingly.

Time Frame

Plan your construction according to your work schedule. You need to consider holidays or family events when you wouldn’t want builders at your home.

Your Schedule

Try to plan when you want the work to begin. This will give you some time to design, get your permissions and planning and budgeting fixed.  Stay with the builders during construction. This way, if you would like to have some changes then it won’t be too late to suggest. You might want your project to start in the spring or summer.

Final Touch

Finally, which part of the house would you like to extend. Be it up/down/from/back. It can be conversion of spare room s, adding/removing lofts. Most importantly the external look of the extended structure must be well defined.

If all these prove to take your precious time away then relax and let Loughton Master Build take up all the responsibilities. We are the most reputed builders in Loughton delivering quality construction for all types of buildings in UK. Call us today for more information.