How to Choose a Kitchen Layout?

Choosing a right kitchen layout need not be an overwhelming task. An analysis of your needs, available models and budget, should enable you to plan your need-matching kitchen. Hiring a professional Loughton Master Build service can help you make the maximum use of available space and get the best value for your money.

If you are looking to build or renovate the kitchen in your Loughton home, attention to the following factors could put you in the right direction:


If space is an issue for you, a one-wall kitchen could be ideal. With an expert Loughton Master Build installation, this kitchen helps conserve precious space while allowing enough room for basic cooking tasks. The layout features a countertop with a range and sink, set against a wall. Storage cabinets appear below and above the setup.


If space is not a problem, and your cooking is more than basic, an L-shaped kitchen could be the answer for your Loughton home. This is a traditional model featuring more work and storage space.

One of the best advantages of this layout is that corner spaces of your kitchen are not wasted. You can move between countertops while cooking, and the generous storage space allows for installation of kitchen appliances.


If your lifestyle involves a busy household with heavy cooking, then you could benefit from a U-shaped layout. This design equips you with plenty of kitchen space to carry on extensive cooking activities with ease and convenience. You’ll not have a cluttered workspace as you cook nor will there be a dearth of storage space.

If cost is not a major factor and an aesthetic design is a must, a U-shaped kitchen could be the best fit for your Loughton home.

Choose a reliable Loughton Master Build service that is willing to listen to your needs, and puts forward all available options in designs and budget, to meet them exactly.