How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom during Renovation?

When you think of renovating your house, there is an added wish-list to it. The first and foremost in the list would be to have bigger bathrooms. Renovation of bathrooms gives the house a good facelift.

Professional bathroom renovation with storage, aesthetics and utility in mind can make a smaller bathroom look bigger. As your Loughton builders, Loughton Master Build take up full-scale renovation of bathrooms from re-laying plumbing lines to electrical fittings and finishing.

When you’re looking to make the most of your small bathroom, here are some things you can do.

Re-designing Utility

Corner sink, wall mounted vanity, sleek bathtubs, clear glass door instead of cubicle or shower curtains in the space of glass door are some things that increase the availability of turn-around space in the bathroom.

Colours in the bathroom

Using natural and light colour pastels in the bathroom visually maximises the area. Repainting the walls in natural hues and adding up dark towels and accessories liven up the interior décor. Using light coloured broad tiles makes the bathroom look bigger in size and with added paint colours it makes the room more brighter


The bathroom looks bigger by reflection if larger mirrors are used. It is best to have a wall sized mirror that adds space and beauty to the room


Carving niches in the walls, Extension of vanity to accommodate a shelf, Adding towel rods to the door, sculpting wall cabinets, adding shelves above the toilets and beneath the sleek vanity gives room for the much needed storage in the bathroom. Planning vertical storage in your smaller bathrooms results in maximum usage of available space


Recessed lighting adds elegance and beauty to the small bathroom. Soft Ceiling lights without much ado about the frills make the room easier to maintain and make it cozy with soft glow

The renovation of bathrooms is a distinct project involving a lot of planning from design to execution. It certainly requires a professional designer and their team to extract maximum utility from and out of the space available. We, your trusted Loughton Builders, provide you with the one-stop solution to meet all your requirements.

Contact Loughton Master Build today for an appointment! Give us your wish-list and relax, We shall execute your dreams!!