Making Sense of Kitchen Design Jargon

Kitchen designers and builders often use jargon that is difficult to understand. Seemingly simple things are referred to using jargon. Words like, ‘Butler’, ‘Belfast sinks’ or ‘Monobloc mixer tap’ may completely confuse you.

However, there’s a reason why a certain thing is called that way.

Boggled by the words you hear when it comes to designing your kitchen? It is time you understood what the typical kitchen design jargon means. Here’s some help from our Loughton kitchen renovations experts.

Butler and Belfast Sinks

Essentially, both butler and Belfast sinks are deep, wide and square. They were earlier made from hard-wearing fire clay. Butler sinks were originally used by the butler of a household to wash glasses.

Belfast sinks had overflows in country designs whereas the sinks in London didn’t have an overflow design because water was in short supply. In modern times, both types of sinks are made from materials such as steel, slate and copper. The shape and depth however, remain similar to those in traditional times.

In-frame Doors

An In-frame door is made separately from the main unit and sits within the frame. The door is fitted into the frame with the help of good quality hinges. This technique helps to create a solid kitchen unit that is durable for years to come.

Seamless Sinks and Surfaces

Seamless sinks, as the name suggests, are sinks that are moulded into the kitchen worktop during the manufacturing process. Sleek and sophisticated, the modern seamless sinks have no place for dirt, grime and bacteria. The design includes one-piece splashbacks as well as drainer grooves.

Monobloc Mixer Tap

A monobloc mixer tap is simply a tap that dispenses hot and cold water from a single spout. This type of tap eliminates the need for a larger sink for accommodating separate hot and cold water taps.

Appliance Bank

Appliance bank is the term used for creating a space for a group of appliances in your kitchen. We can design the space based on your preference, use of appliances and of course, the space available in your kitchen.

Composite Worktops

A composite worktop is an engineered worktop made from a mix of natural quartz pebbles with additives and colour pigments. This worktop is hardwearing while easy to clean and maintain.

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