Most Common Plumbing Issues during Winters

Loughton Winters are not just cooler, they are freezing! The dip in temperature creates major havoc in plumbing lines. We, Loughton Master Build, your trusted builders in Loughton provide experienced plumbing crew at your service. Our fully equipped crew reaches your home on call and resolves all plumbing issues quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common plumbing issues that occur during the harsh winters.

Grease Clogging in Pipes

In general, we do not bother about the accidental spilling of grease down the sink. However, in cold weather, the spillage accumulates, congeals and clogs the drain pipes and becomes a mess to handle.

Frozen Pipes

The cold weather freezes water in internal and external pipes. Although operating the heater might reduce the probability of freezing water in internal pipes, heater shut-down in unoccupied houses can freeze the lines internally too.

Pipe Burst

This happens when water in the pipes freezes. The lines become heavier and the added pressure from additional supply of water from the mains can burst the water lines.


Internal flooding caused by pipe bursts is a menace. If such flooding happens in the basement, the repair becomes a nightmare! Flooding requires the hand of a professional to drain, dry and rectify.

Drain Back up

When the external pipes freeze, it results in clogging. This causes drain back up more particularly from laundry drains. If the drain back up is from kitchen and bath, it leaves behind a big mess.

Water Heater Breakdown  

It is essential to maintain the water gauge below 140 degrees always during winters. In spite of all precautionary measures, winter is the time when water heaters are prone to breakdown. The excessive wear and tear during the season results in machinery breakdown.

These plumbing issues that break during winter requires a professional plumbing technician. It requires the well-equipped set up of a professional team to drain, de-freeze, de-clog, dry, rig, re-assemble and, at times, to replace pipes and plumbing lines to ensure a warm and safe home.

With your hands full with domestic commitments, it becomes impossible to manage without professional aid. At Loughton Master Build, our fully qualified plumbers are at your service.  Contact us if you have a break-down and one of our experts will be at your door in no time.