Number 1 Renovation Pitfall – Choosing a Contractor Offering the Lowest Quote

You have spent quite a deal of money on constructing your home. Now our builders in Loughton team believe you are thinking in terms of renovating it and you are again thinking if it is going to cost you more. If you are considering choosing a contractor who will offer you the lowest quote, that is most dangerous thing to do. It is in fact, the number 1 renovation pitfall.

You need to consider quite a few factors when choosing a building contractor from builders in Loughton.


Is the Contractor experienced?

Often, newbie contractors quote a lower price to just get the job. You are giving your home in the hands of someone inexperienced. You can only imagine the results of such a job.

With less or no experience, the contractor may not be able to address the issues that crop up in a home renovation job. Also, if you have custom interior design for your home, you may need to be extra careful that the contractor and his staff do not damage any décor while carrying out their work.

Quality of Work

When you give your home for renovation work, you expect quality work from your contractor. But if choose someone who is quoting a low price, you really cannot be sure of the quality of work you will get from the contractor.

Also, you need to constantly supervise if the quality of materials used is up to the mark and your home will not be in jeopardy when facing the harsh elements of weather.


When you choose a reputed builder such as Loughton Master Build, you are assured of the quality of work. In fact, the builder provides you with a warranty for all the renovation work carried out. Everything is transparent and you know your home is in safe hands. This may not be true for cheap contractors who give no warranty for their work or have less review from clients.


Most contractors who quote a lower price do not pay attention to detailing. They are happy to complete one job and move on to another. This means, you cannot expect top grade work from such contractors. Would you want your home to be renovated by someone who works in this manner?

Choose Wisely

Loughton Master Build is the name to consider when you are thinking of quality home renovation. With decades of experience, we know what it takes to give your home the makeover it needs. Call us today for a quote.