Pub Renovations – Tips to Redecorate Your Pub’s Garden

Your pub’s interior space is its most ravishing feature. Of course, you also have a garden for those looking for some sun to go with their lager. This is especially true during summers. If you are considering pub renovations, then do give some thought to renovating your garden. Here are some ideas to get you started in the right direction.

The Outdoor Feel

Your pub’s garden is an outdoor space. It shouldn’t feel like an interior space. So, if your garden currently looks like simply an extension of your interior space, it’s time to spruce things up.

Make sure your garden gives the feeling of an outdoor space. Your pub renovations project is incomplete without this.

Add outdoor features such as brick, stone, and outdoor furniture too. Avoid leather sofas, fabric covered bar stools, timber sheeting et al – they will all give the feel of an interior space.

The key is to embrace the outdoors. So any renovation idea you consider must be in line with helping your customers make the most of the outdoors while they are out.


Pick a theme for your garden and take it from there.

Take a good hard look at the walls and the building. Does the architecture of the building or the texture of the wall give you any ideas?

Perhaps you always wanted to implement some ideas and this might be a good time to bring those ideas to reality.

Look up online for some awesome pub renovations ideas. If all else fails, feel free to talk to us at Loughton Master Build. Our pub renovation experts can help you choose the right theme for your outdoor space.


Be sure to consider the weather and aspects like heat and glare

Features like plants, canopy and coloured glass can help keep the glare and heat away.

Features like willow fencing, timber or metal frameworks or canvas wind breakers are great to protect the space from the winds.

Consider the direction of the wind to choose the seating position

Be sure to provide ample space for smokers during bad weathers. Perhaps a permanent glass ceiling in one part of the area can help.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Ideas

These three tips should give you a good start to renovating your pub’s outdoor area. Contact Loughton Master Build for high quality pub renovations in Loughton.