Remodelling Ideas for Small Kitchens

It is quite possible to make your home more comfortable and functional even if certain areas such as the kitchen are small. Careful planning and using the latest remodelling techniques can help you create an appealing and multi-functional kitchen within a limited space. Here are some ideas sourced from the top builders in Loughton to remodel your small kitchen.

Use the Corners Effectively

One of the most ignored areas in a kitchen is the corner. The corners in a kitchen offer plenty of scope for creating storage, dining area, cabinets and seating spaces. Simple ideas can help you remodel your kitchen to create and use more space effectively.

Instead of placing a microwave on the kitchen counter, you can place them in a corner kitchen cabinet with storage below and above. Transferring your cooking zone to a corner of the kitchen can also help free more space in the kitchen.

Installing pull-out shelves in corners can help you use corner spaces efficiently. These shelves can be used to store kitchen items, food and utensils. Also, pull-out shelves make it easier to find things since corners in kitchens tend to have less lighting.

Put Hidden Spaces to Use

Other than corners, there could be areas in your kitchen that are hidden from sight but can give you that additional storage or utility space you are looking for in your kitchen. Consulting your builders in Loughton will give you ideas to better utilise such hidden spaces.

Adding a spice rack to a shelf or creating a warming drawer or wine storage in the kitchen island area can be excellent ways to utilise space. The space above the kitchen cooking area can also be used for hanging ladles, spoons and smaller pans. This keeps them handy enough for you to use and also eliminates the need for an additional storage shelf or cabinet for putting them away.

Smaller Appliances That Do the Work

If your kitchen is small or you have fewer people at home, it makes more sense to buy appliances and gadgets that need less storage space.

Take It to the Ceiling

You can install cabinets and storage that extend from the floor to the ceiling. This will give you storage to place the pots and pans and other kitchen stuff that you use once in a while.

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