Signs of a Good Wood Floor Fitting Service

You have decided to install wood flooring for your home or office. Now you need to choose the right flooring fitting services Loughton. After all, the floor of your home or office is the place that you use the most.

Wood flooring installation is best left to professionals. You have to clearly think about a few things before finalising the flooring fitting services team. Check for the following points even before the work begins.

Detailed Price Quote

The Loughton flooring fitters you hire should give you a detailed and thorough price quote. You need to make sure that they have provided details of all the work they will carry out.

Moreover, the quote must include details of materials, installation process and cost, details about the hardwood floor and the work that will be carried out. All costs and charges must be listed in the quote.

Moisture Check and Acclimatise the Hardwood

Solid hardwood has a tendency to contract or swell depending upon the moisture in the surroundings. This means your hardwood floor could expand in the summer months and contract during the winter months. This can cause the floor to develop cracks or even break.

All this can be avoided if your flooring Loughton contractor acclimatises the hardwood before installation. The staff will collect room temperature and moisture content meter readings of the flooring and sub-flooring over a period of days or weeks to ensure that the hardwood they will use is acclimatised.

Moreover, it is important to note that acclimatisation of hardwood flooring should begin only after all other construction work is over and the area cleared of all debris, dust and other materials.

Prepare the Subfloor

Before the hardwood floor is installed, your flooring fitters Loughton contractor needs to pay attention to the subfloor. Check if your flooring contractor will take the trouble of thoroughly scrutinizing every part of the subfloor and keep it ready for the hardwood flooring installation.

In other words, the subfloor must be thoroughly cleaned, flattened and dried before the installation process begins.

The subfloor needs to be even and at the same level for the hardwood flooring to be installed properly over it. Any unevenness in this subfloor can cause the hardwood flooring to have squeaky or bouncy floor boards.

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