Signs of a Reliable Wood Flooring Installer

Now that you have finally decided to install hardwood flooring, you need to find a good flooring installer. Before you assign the project to the first Loughton flooring fitters you come across, you need to research a bit about how reliable the contractor is.

After all, you are going to pay a decent sum of money for the flooring and its installation. Here are some telltale signs of a reliable wood flooring installer.

Gives a Detailed Quote in Writing

A trustworthy flooring installer will always give you a detailed quote in writing. If you were not aware of this legal and binding document, you could be taken for a ride.

For more reasons than one, it is important that the flooring contractor lists every little detail about the installation job. You must check for information about materials, costs, time, workmen and more importantly description of work written in the quote.

Checks Moisture and Acclimatises the Hardwood Flooring

The moisture content in the surroundings affects your hardwood flooring. The hardwood flooring expands in the humid summer months and contracts in the dry winters. If the flooring is not acclimatized before it is nailed down, the flooring will not be even once it settles down.

Your flooring installation contractor should take moisture readings of the flooring and sub-flooring and take care that they are not more than 4% apart. In case of floor panels or boards wider than 3 inches, the reading should not be more than 2% apart.

The hardwood flooring acclimatization work should also begin after all other wet building work is finished. The acclimatisation can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks.

Prepares the Subfloor

Your flooring installer must check the subfloor before starting the hardwood flooring installation. The subfloor must be clean, dry and flat. If the subfloor is uneven or it requires repair, the installation contractor should complete the work first and allow the subfloor to settle completely before other work is commenced.

Prepares the Layout

A good London flooring contractor will always measure the layout to make his calculations for the floor plank size, taking into account odd areas where some of the planks need to be cut to a different size.

Preparing the layout and customizing the floor planks accordingly is important. Make sure your flooring contractor does this for you.

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