The Must Haves of a Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen space designed by a reputed building company in Loughton with its efficient vents, convenient-to-use storage, modern machines and matching interiors is a model kitchen in every sense of the term.

While a galley with the following features can make food-preparation a breeze, you can add your own touch by going for open cookbook shelves or a gizmo garage.


Second Trough

Having an additional sink to wash your vegetables or dirty hands allows the involvement of your spouse in meal preparation as well as cleaning without costing you in terms of waiting time.

Steam Combination Oven

This type of oven cooks your food using moist steam and browns it by employing dry heat, thereby, enabling you to serve vitamin-rich meals that both look and taste great.

Coffee Centre

Dedicated to coffee, this enclosed space holds your percolator, mugs, jars, sugar cubes, etc., and supplies you with many a steaming cup of java throughout the day.

Access to Outdoor Areas

A scullery that connects to your patio or deck enjoys the benefit of natural lighting and good aeration.

Be sure to hire a professional building company in Loughton to build a bright cooking space that fuels your passion for innovative cuisine much to the pleasure of your family and friends.

Induction Stove

Using magnetic field for heat transference, this cook-top saves you energy and money. An easy-to-clean, non-heating surface makes it ideal for homes with young children.

Pull-out–and-up Lift

A baker’s delight, this stand allows you to pull out your heavy-duty mixer from behind closed doors and lift it up to counter-level without unplugging.

Hands-free Trash

A cabinet that can pop open with a stamp of your feet on its pedal, it keeps your recyclable waste hidden from view apart from saving you the trouble of cleaning handles soiled by unclean fingers.

Under-counter LEDs

While overhead lights, in general, provide diffused illumination to your baking space, LEDs fitted under deep counters, in particular, flood individual tasks with the much-needed light.

Built-in Amenities

Be it an integrated multi-feature refrigerator or an under-counter ice-maker, built-in appliances blend in effortlessly with the rest of your kitchen, thus, contributing to a minimalistic look.

At Loughton Master Build, our experience, expertise and high work standards facilitate a rise above budgetary constraints to translate your vision into reality. For a fancy kitchen that also provides hygienic cooking conditions, contact us today!