Things to Decide when Building a Patio

A beautiful patio transforms the look of your entire garden. You can make your patio and attractive and functional at the same time by designing it well. Our patios Loughton experts at Loughton Master Builder can help you choose the right design. Here are some key aspects to consider before when a new patio.

Purpose & Size

First and foremost, you need to identify on the purpose of the patio. Do you need a cosy space for just two or a large area for parties and family gatherings? You can decide on the size of the patio once you zero in on the purpose.

Position & Privacy

The next consideration is the position you would prefer and the amount of privacy you need. You can choose to have it adjacent to your house. This way, serving food and beverages will be pretty convenient.

If you want an independent space for your patio, you can pick a place in the garden and have a weather-proof walkway connecting it to your home. Our patios Loughton experts will help you choose the best possible location and ensure that the garden is utilised properly. You can retain your privacy by making use of pergolas, fences or plants for screening.

Space Availability

Having pergolas in your patio comes with its own set of pros and cons. It gives you the much needed shade and privacy. But, pergolas are not a good idea if you have a small patio area. They tend to eat up a lot of space. Hence, you need to decide very carefully after weighing down all the options.


Apart from all aesthetics, you also need to take care of safety and practicality.

Large patios are prone to water logging. Hence, you must look into the drainage aspect.

Depending on the fact that whether your patio has a pergola or not, you can choose either down lighting or ground lighting. And if you plan to eat out often, you can go for electric lighting.

Awnings are a great option in case you want your parties to continue uninterrupted, irrespective of the weather.

Shape and Form

Our patios Loughton experts can help you choose the best outlines for your patios, whether its soft flowing curves or rectangular patio set amongst flowing, curvy borders to make the most efficient use of space.


The materials you use have the biggest impact on the appearance of your patio. You can take your pick from a wide variety of options like limestone, concrete, sandstone, granite, or brick. With natural stones, you can even have the colours of your choice.

In case you want to mix different materials, our patios Loughton team can assist you with the best possible options.

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