Tips for Designing Your New Bathroom

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom and giving it a complete new look? Or do you have a new house and are looking for ideas to design the new bathroom? A Bathroom Renovation Loughton service will be able to get you the look and convenience you have in mind. Consider the following tips before you start planning your bathroom.


At the very outset, you have to decide on the kind of design you want for your bathroom. This can match the décor of your house or the convenience of usage. You can opt for a traditional, contemporary or modern bathroom according to the space available in your house.

Along with the design, choose your flooring, too. Choose from among natural stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles, carpet tiles, vinyl or hardwood floors treated against moisture damage.


You need to research prices and options of bathroom accessories and decide on a budget. Do you want a full renovation or wish to remodel a part of the bathroom? Whatever your plans are, make sure they are realistic and fit your needs. It is always best to take quotations from more than one bathroom fitter Loughton so that you can form a fair idea about the expected cost.

Bath Fixtures and Accessories

Do you want a shower or a bath or both in your bathing area? Do you want a backsplash that will reflect your style? What kind of countertops, taps, shower fixtures or bath tubs would you prefer? Only an experienced Bathroom Renovation Loughton service will be able to suggest the best option that will suit your space and budget.

Electrical Connections

The electrical wiring and placement of switches are very important considerations for every bathroom. The lighting in your bathroom is very important. You need to get waterproof lighting to avoid mishaps and accidents. So, make sure that your beautiful bathroom is also safe and secured against any disaster.

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