Types of Plaster Finishes

The quality of a house is judged by its external finish. The quality of the finish depends to a great extent on the external plastering or rendering that is done on the external surface. A properly rendered external finish, in addition to guarding your house against “rain and shine”, adds to its aesthetic appeal.

As your builders in Loughton, we take into consideration the geographical position and climatic condition to choose a the plastering finish. Master Build Loughton are trusted experts in renovation and we shall guide you to renovate your house based on your requirement.

So how do you choose the right type of plaster finish? Here are some options to choose from.


Cement and fine sand in the ratio of 1:3 is plastered and leveled to achieve the smooth finish


The finish is made rougher by adding a coarse aggregate to the Cement and sand in the ratio of 1:3:1.5 and dashed on the surface to give an uneven finish

Sand Faced

Two coats of plastering are done. The first normal plastering is done with cement and sand. The surface is cured with water for seven days to help solidification. The second plastering is leveled by sponge and screened sand is uniformly applied to give a sand-faced finish

Pebble Dash

Pebbles of 10-20mm are dashed over 12mm plastering and pressed softly by appropriate floats to give the finish. Gravel, Flint and shells are used in the place of pebble to give the desired finish


Blade or plate scrap is used on the partially dry plaster to scrape a depth of not more than 3mm as design. This plastering is less prone to cracking


The textured finish done above the smooth plaster with various tools to give various designs is so common that external plastering is known as Stucco in different parts of the world.

The quality of the plastering depends entirely on the specifications of the materials used. The mixing ratio, the thickness of plastering, the time taken from the time of mixing to the time of application, the pressure of float applied on the plastering and the curing applied on the plastering play an important role in the finish, stability and durability.

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