Why a Plastered Wall is Better

Plastered walls have been in existence since centuries. They can be found in many historical homes and buildings. The rise in use of dry walls for modern buildings has not diminished the importance of plaster, owing to the latter’s multiple benefits. It is however important to hire a service that specialises in plastering in Loughton to get an expert job done.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a plastered wall for your property:

Plastered Walls Allow for More Versatile Styles

Whether you want to style your property around a Victorian design or a French model, plastering gives you the versatility of experimenting with a range of designs. As plaster can be shaped into any desired form easily, you get a range of styles to choose from. Use of plaster imparts character to the wall, and thus to the property, which cannot be expected from other types of wall-work.

Use of plaster moulds lends an artistic look to walls. You can also choose decorations such as plaster corbels, cornices and vents, for added looks.

Use of plaster decorations demands expertise. Even the slightest variation in dimensions can alter a wall effect. An experienced company offering plastering in Loughton will be able to rightly guide you in choosing the colour, theme, size, and shade of the plaster mould that would best suit your wall styling requirements.

Plastered Walls are Stronger and Last Longer

Compared to dry walls, plastered walls are tougher and last longer, provided the compound is rightly mixed and applied. Preparing the mixture in right proportions is crucial to facilitate the right chemical reaction that lends strength to plaster.

The type of supportive lath used for the plaster also determines its strength. Metal laths and tough boards lend greater durability and strength.

Given the technicalities involved, it always helps to choose a professional plastering Loughton company to realise the true benefits of a plastered wall.

Plastered Walls are Quieter and Safer

Plastered walls, especially the lime plaster variety, are well-known for absorbing sounds. Lime plaster variety also offers safety from hazards such as fire breakouts as this compound spreads fire slowly.

Plastered walls are suitable for any environment, including churches, retails outlets, homes, and educational and governmental institutions. With 15+ years of experience, Loughton Master Build is well-positioned to take up plastered wall projects of any size and complexity.

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